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Replacement Cuff

Colour: Black
Size Guide

The cuff repair kit is designed to be a simple way to help extend the life of your base layers. By using it, you’ll be reducing the amount of textile waste that goes to landfill. Happy repairing.

What’s Included:

The cuff repair kit includes a single 100% merino replacement cuff. Repairing your cuff should take 10-15 minutes with a sewing machine. Follow our online cuff repair guide for step-by-step instructions.

Colour Options:

Pick a black cuff, or roll the dice with “Lucky Dip” to randomly receive a pink or blue cuff.


Follow the size chart in the product photos, taking your measurement 15cm up from the cuff hem (the very bottom of your cuff). If your measurement falls in between sizes, please round up.

Please note the 15cm includes the seam allowance allocated, the cutting line of 13cm takes this into consideration

Fabric: Merino Single Jersey
Weight: 190gsm
Blend: 100% merino wool