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The Green Steam '23

1 min read Bike, Merino, Snow

The idea was born from the phrase “under your own steam” and is at it’s core a social ride designed to drive awareness for climate change by summiting a mountain entirely by human power - your own steam.
The Green Steam '23

Route: Dough Bin to Kai Whakapai via TC Summit. Ride/Skin/Ski/Ride/Repeat.

What was 3 years ago a harebrained idea executed by a small group of Wanaka’s hardcore riders has snowballed into 60 people strapping skis, boards and boots to bikes.

The mission: Pedal 30km from Wanaka (300m above sea level) to the base building of Treble Cone (1260m), Ski tour the remaining 1,000 vertical meters to the Treble Cone Summit (2088m), strap in and send it back to Wanaka for a well deserved pint at Kai Whakapai. Total KMs: 64.72km, Elevation gain: 2,117m.

In it’s third year, the annual Green Steam was met with a classic New Zealand spring cocktail of hot sunshine, a howling ‘Nor Wester, snow showers and torrential rain. Despite the horrendous forecast, 60 of Wanaka’s best battlers showed up at 6:30am for one of the most engaging days of the season.

Look at the joy and energy before the ascent.