Mons Royale Mission - Mons Royale Australia

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The Mons Royale Mission

19 MARCH 2021  |  1 MIN READ

You can’t get away from the fact the pandemic has changed us all. The world is a different place now and the only silver lining would be alot of us have woken up. Woken up to being more mindful, more engaged and generally better humans. At Mons Royale, it gave us a chance to stop and re-evaluate what our mission really is. Who we are, our why.

And we realised –



If we can help reduce our impact by shifting people to natural performance materials and enable, educate and inspire progression and participation we believe we are on the right path.

It’s a well-established fact that by increasing your health and wellbeing, you can be a better version of you. We would like to go a step further and suggest if you learn to love sport, you will become more passionate about the environment you live in and start to become more involved in protecting and advocating for the health of our planet.

It starts with small changes and no one should proclaim to be perfect, we certainly don’t, but don’t let that stop you just starting. JUST START